FOC Delivery For Purchases Above RM100 WM / RM150 EM

FOC Delivery For Purchases Above
RM100 WM / RM150 EM



Simply Satisfied.

Leaflix is incorporated to bring the best showering experience for all walks of life by developing the purest and finest line of products with top-quality and all-natural based body wash that is enriching to the skin and tantalizing to the soul.

We are committed to advocating satisfaction in simple living through a less sophisticated, pure and pleasant way of life that brings us closer to nature’s best-kept secret. Our passion resonates profoundly in the quality of our products which are meticulously crafted and designed to bring next-level satisfaction to your pleasurable showering experience.

We pride ourselves in bringing the best quality in each product that is made with natural ingredients to deliver our promises by guaranteeing your safety and serenity while enjoying the fruits of our labour. We strive for equality and put the utmost respect to our customer’s best interests to gain loyalty and trust for a safer and simply satisfying shower experience that can be shared with their loved ones with greater peace of mind.

100% extra virgin olive oil.

No synthetic colors.

Not tested on animals.

No palm oil.


Does not include paraben,
sulfate, gluten.

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